Porsche Macan: The Slowest Depreciating Car


Porsche are most well-known for their exquisite performance and their unique styling – you know when you see a Porsche and they’re hard not to think about. The typical Porsche is designed as a slick, 2-seater, which offers an insane amount of power for its size, but with the Macan, they’ve taken on a whole new style.
According to Porsche, it’s ‘the sports car of the SUV segment’ but is this a false claim?

Performance & Drive
With the Porsche having such high expectations in this department, the Macan really does its best to live up and impress. Of course, with Porsche being the manufacturer of this exclusive car, the performance and the drive is nothing to be concerned about as it pretty much wows in every area.
This is what the Macan does best as it offers a smooth and enjoyable drive which just keeps you wanting more. Some may say it’s addictive. The Porsche Macan is well and truly a talented 4×4 as it’s more than capable when it comes to the steering, handling and taking on any terrain types as the Macan features the best grip in its class.

In terms of engines, there’s a handful offered including the S, S Diesel and the Turbo, in which all of them are V6 and turbocharged. You could label them all as being ‘close to perfect’, they’re that good.

This Porsche doesn’t follow the typical look and it looks better than ever expected. With its premium 4×4 design, it’s more family-friendly than any previous Porsche models including the Panamera and the Cayman. If you’re a fan of the classic ‘two-seaters’, take a look at the Porsche’s for sale , including the Cayman. The Porsche Macan’s rivals are as big as the BMW X3 and the Range Rover Evoque, but they don’t make the Macan jitter as it’s already setting new standards and showing what its capable of.

Cabin & Style
The interior of the Porsche Macan gives the push it needed to make it a likely contestant in becoming to be the best 4×4 on the road. Filled with the highest quality materials, including the leather seating and the carbon and aluminium dashboard, giving the Porsche Macan that ‘rich’ feel. The layout of the whole cabin also gets top marks as it’s more than organised making it easy for the driver and passengers to navigate the range of infotainment. The range includes DAB radio, USB connection, colour tech-screen and an 11 speaker sound system all as standard with plenty more to be offered – including the expensive Porsche Communication Management system.

Overall, the best thing about the Porsche Macan is definitely how much it focuses on the driver. This is a rare occurrence as the passengers seem to get all of the benefits of a drive – but it’s shared when you jump into the Macan. The Porsche Macan may be a little pricey as the price tag starts from £46,000 but if you and your family just can’t let go of that Porsche badge, then it’s completely worth it.

With it being so close to perfect, how can you not give in and want this beauty? There are a range of used Porsche’s for sale if you’ve truly fallen in love.


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