Porsche: 2016 Range


From 1931, Porsche have been progressing viciously, in order to have the highly spoken of name they have today. They are known for having a very distinctive style, in which you can spot them from a mile off, knowing full well they’re from the Porsche range. In 2006, Porsche won the title of the most prestigious automobile brand for over 70 years – now if that isn’t impressive, I don’t really know what is. Their luxury cars are improving more by the second, it’s hard not to be mesmerised by these motors.



718 – Boxster

‘For the sport of it’

The 2016 718 Boxster’s recent facelift has left all fans amazed with its new four-cylinder engine offering an insane performance, along with a fierce grumble. The Boxster may be at the lower end of the spectrum for Porsche with prices starting from £41,000, but with a top speed of 170mph – it doesn’t hold back.

0-62mph – 5.1 seconds
Top Speed – 170mph



911 – GT3 RS
‘Limits pushed’

If you’re looking for a constant rush of excitement, the GT3 is definitely the one to help you out – this is what it’s made for. It’s been put in the same sentences as models from Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren and has been labelled ‘one to watch’, which says everything you need to know about this Porsche. It’s exotic sports car design is enough for heads to turn constantly, along with its insane engine sound.

0-62mph – 3.3 seconds
Top Speed – 193mph



918 – Spyder
‘Pure. Energy.’

Pure energy is the short description in which Porsche has matched up to the 918 Spyder and they’re absolutely correct. There aren’t enough words to describe this machine of a supercar, other than just having pure admiration and desire for it’s insane speed, impressively smooth drive and abnormally good looks. With a starting price of £704,000, if you’ve got the spare change, it’s the perfect purchase for in or out of the city.

0-62mph – 2.5 seconds
Top Speed – 215mph



Panamera – 4S
‘Thrilling Contradictions’

Unlike any other Porsches with a similar body type, the Panamera is more family orientated than any other model with its two rear seats. Of course, it still offers the feisty and fierce look with a sloped roof, so the appearance is still on par with the other models.

0-62mph – 4.4 seconds
Top Speed – 179mph



Macan – GTS
‘Life, intensified’

Trying to compete with the likes of the Land Rover Range Rover, BMW and Mercedes can be incredibly difficult – but Porsche manage to pull it off well. This luxury 4×4 features a little twist, unlike anything before, which makes it a highly desired car today. With prices starting from £55,188, this 4×4 is well worth every single penny and is perfect for the whole family.

0-62mph – 5.2 seconds
Top Speed – 159mph

There are a range of prestige cars sales around the UK in which you can pick yourself one of the luxurious Porsche models.





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