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Porsche Carrera GT - GT Polonia 2007

568,081 views 25 comments

Porsche Carrera GT - GT Polonia 2007

Porsche Carrera GT vs Nissan R35 GTR

626,536 views 24 comments

Porsche Carrera GT vs Nissan R35 GTR

Porsche Carrera GT Sound

664,412 views 25 comments

Brian records a black Carrera GT with the engine on reving lightly, but it still sounds pretty good :) BrianZuk's Facebook Here!

Porsche carrera Gt Infernal sound

701,455 views 25 comments

Fast speed

Porsche Carrera GT Ride in VRAlexander's CGT

703,371 views 24 comments

Brian goes for a loud, fast, exhilirating ride in VRAlexander's legendary Carrera GT. It is fitted with AWE Tuning Straight Pipes, tuned cams, ECU, and other performance parts giving it 730 horsepower

Lewis Hamilton's Father Crashes $600,000 Porsche Into Hedge

728,586 views 24 comments

That Lewis Hamilton has the driving skills of a champion, there is little doubt. But he obviously didn't inherit those skills from his father. The proof? It's pictured lying battered in a hedge -

Cute Girl in a Carrera GT

713,160 views 25 comments

Hot Chick taking a ride in a Carrera GT. (Her first time in one) This is the rest of the video I have, I need to make a better one someday. Check out Follow us on Face

Porsche Carrera GT Gembella Mirage in Abu Dhabi

820,227 views 25 comments

Porsche Carrera GT in Abu Dhabi giving it some.

Gemballa Mirage GT (Porsche Carrera GT)

888,071 views 25 comments

Gemballa driven at full speed around Jyllandsringen.

2 Carrera GT's terrorizing California

894,648 views 25 comments

TechArt Carrera GT meets up with VRAlexander.

HD: McLaren MB SL-R vs Carrera GT 50-300 km/h SLR (30-190+ mph) real world test

1,111,903 views 25 comments

Supercar Shootout McLaren Mercedes SL-R vs Porsche Carrera GT race from 50-300 km/h: Full report:

HD: Ferrari 599 vs CGT (Ferrari 599 GTB F1 Fiorano vs Porsche Carrera GT)

1,359,643 views 25 comments

HD: Ferrari 599 vs CGT (Ferrati 599 GTB F1 vs Porsche Carrera GT) This race: