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Porsche 914 LS6 Autocross, #2

29,695 views 24 comments

Short clip from the Amery Airport Autocross, put on by the Minnesota Austin-Healey Car Club. Second run for the Porsche 914 with an LS6 crammed into it.

Porsche 914 commercial ( image restored + music )

91 views 14 comments

VW Porsche 914 commercial. Image restored, music added.

Porsche 914 Subaru STI WRX motor 252 hp 272 Torque!! Conversion

32,171 views 18 comments

Fresh JDM ej20 td05 turbo Dyno 252 hp/ 272 torque!! AT the WHEELS! I do subaru N/A and turbo engine conversions, if seriously interested. Just email me. Around $7000 for N/A engine package complete wi

FOR SALE- rotary powered 914 porsche

30,978 views 25 comments

Street ported 13b rotary engine with weber 48IDA carb, custom exhaust, porsche 911 dash, guages, and front end. Cross drilled rotors. Car is for sale.

Porsche 914-6 Club part 1

32,060 views 13 comments

Porsche 914-6 Club meeting at Hockenhiem race track. Great 914's, GT, track time and testing driving skills.

Porsche 914 v8 drive by

38,770 views 24 comments

Porsche 914 v8 drive by

Thomas and his 914-6 Porsche

38,281 views 12 comments

Thomas has the engine back in the 914 once again and it sounds fantastic! Glad we were able to provide the machine work and JE pistons.

Porsche 914 V8

39,952 views 13 comments

Porsche 914 with 928 V8 burnout, May 2006 at Glemseck (Stuttgart), Germany

Porsche 914 Tour Auto 2006

42,916 views 15 comments

Porsche 914/6 de 1970

Porsche 914 with new Raby motor

44,718 views 21 comments

This was the first track event with new Jake Raby MassIVe motor. At Firebird West track, Arizona.

Turbo Porsche 914 V8 drag race

44,625 views 25 comments

In car camera footage.

Porsche 914 racing

44,359 views 6 comments

European 914 racing